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The mission of the Pennsylvania Soccer Coaches Association is to serve its membership in providing for the promotion of high school soccer in the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to promoting the game, the PSCA’s duties include but are not limited to; the recognition of player and coach accomplishments, team rankings, record keeping, and maintaining communication with high school soccer’s governing bodies in an attempt to maintain the integrity of the game.


The PSCA is a non-profit organization relying on sponsorship to support our mission to promote all aspects of high school soccer in Pennsylvania. Information regarding the history, awards and other details can be found on our website at If interested in sponsorship, please contact:  Anthony Cavallaro, PSCA Executive Director at or 570-840-5185.

PSCA will provide Sponsor with the following:

  • Designation as the “Official Sponsor” of PSCA.

  • Sponsorship noted in all PSCA correspondence including but not

    limited to: newsletters, printed mailers, programs

  • Ad in banquet program. (Ad provided by Sponsor).

  • Logo placement on PSCA website with link to Sponsor’s homepage.

  • Display of banners at banquet site (Banner provided by Sponsor).

  • Mailing list (including email addresses, if applicable) of all members

    and coaches in the PSCA when requested.



The PSCA is looking for a long-term commitment and relationship with our sponsors. A five year partnership is preferred but nothing less than a three year agreement would also be considered.  Our sponsor shall have the right of first extension to continue this sponsorship relationship at the end of the contract period.

Each contract renewal shall run from January 1 through December 31 of the following year.



Levels of financial support are $1,000, $5,000 plus per year.

$1000 - Includes all items in above bulleted list. $5000 plus Includes all items in above bulleted list.

In addition, customized to name a trophy or specific program in honor of the sponsor. For example
The Sponsor Name Player of the Year.

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