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All-State Player Selection Process

All-State Criteria

Allotment to the PSCA All-State team is determined by the number of paid PSCA member head coaches within each league. A league with 4 to 8 paid head coaches receives one player honored on the All-State team. A league with 9 to 16 receives two; 17 to 24 receives three, etc. This sequence continues by multiples of eight.  Each league is responsible for determining the ranking of outstanding players within that league.  Some leagues conduct ranking/voting meetings. Some use a mail ballot. Once determined, the PSCA League Representative forwards the nomination to the All-State Chairman. The chairman then determines if the player chosen is qualified by checking membership information. To be recognized, a player's coach must be a PSCA member.  The qualified coach of the player honored is responsible for the publicity of their own player(s). The mailing of certificates is handled by the chairman of the All-State Committee.

If additional information is needed about these procedures, please feel free to contact the appropriate Chairperson of the All-State Committee:

Girls Chairperson

Katie Schkolenko
Wallenpaupack Area HS

Boys Chairperson

Mike Sotak / Paul Sotak
Lakeland HS

All-State players must be submitted by November 1 

by  Coach or League Rep ONLY and

ONLY AFTER  player has been voted on  by the league

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