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share the wealth


The PSCA “Share The Wealth” Program

(updated January 2019)

"Share the Wealth" is a program of giving to the impoverished areas of the world new and/or slightly used soccer balls. Africa and Central America are the two focused areas at this point in time. We will accept soccer balls of all sizes. As a corollary to this mission, the association may use the program to help provide support when a pressing need arises in the soccer community.

If you would like to get involved, the need is great. Please contact the PSCA


- submitted by Gerry Botdorf -

January - 20 students from the University of Toledo left on medical mission trip to Honduras and took with them 10 soccer balls which they distributed to schools in that country.

Also in January - we gave to Keith Nagley 20 soccer balls for a trip
that was to be taken to the country of Paraguay..

April - we gave to Larry Girvin of Virginia 20 soccer balls, 2 Pumps, 10 equipment bags and 6 pairs of socks for his medical mission trip to the hill country of Honduras through the Friends of Barnabas Foundation.


           Once again the generosity of our soccer family has helped to bring joy to others around the globe. New keeper gear including many hats and scares donated by Brine were sent in February to the City View Baptist Church in downtown Cleveland. They gave the hats and scarves to the homeless people living in the parks of Cleveland, many of them veterans.             In March, balls and uniforms were given to two mission trips from the Harrisburg area. The trips were to Lusaka, Zambia and the Beit-CURE Hospital. Thank you to Ketih Nagley for helping to facilitate the exchange.
Another trip to El Salvador in June was made by a group of people from central PA, and spearheaded by Marie Heintzelman of Selinsgrove. Soccer balls and uniforms were the order for the day.
Also in June we sent off to Thies, Senegal—Samaritan’s Purse Mission-- a shipment of 10 soccer balls and several pumps. The contacts there were Philippe and Laurie Sadio.             Many of the people we have had contact with over the years continue to correspond with us, suggesting to us there is always a need and also sharing with us their gratitude and joy in receiving materials for their needs.

2014 Year in Review

-submitted by Gerry Botdorf -
Another busy year for the program. Opportunities were presented to us to really clear out many items in our garage. I know new stuff is coming shortly. In June items were given to Chris Sauer of Middleburg who took kids and helped at a camp in Uganda. We gave to Chris uniforms, equipment bags, 20 balls, T-shirts. End of June and the beginning of July were very busy. Three efforts were being addressed.We sent to Paula and Dan Sheaffer, missionaries at the Lions of Judah Academy in Magu, Tanzania--ten soccer balls, 10 T-shirts and 2 sets of uniforms--jerseys and pants. Cost for these two boxes was $255.00. Costly effort for sure but I bet the balls will light up a few faces! A local gal organizes a trip to Mexico each year. They take a tractor-trailer load of equipment of all kinds to do work there. We really loaded them with equipment this year. We sent them 20 balls, 2 boxes of shoes, 2 boxes of shin guards and keeper stuff, box of cones and misc items, 4 boxes of sweat outfits, 32 short sleeve white jerseys 32 short sleeve red jerseys. And, our local churches were supplying material for a group headed to Haiti.  We chipped in the following--and I am not sure how they will get this all there but they said they could use it. We gave 13 boxes of jerseys, shorts, shoes, shin guards, sweat outfits and 20 soccer balls.
Our garage is still full of equipment to give away.  We now are in need of soccer balls, the most popular item asked for.

2012 Happenings!

BIG THANK YOU to the following people for
your donations of time and equipment:
Dan Hogan of Cocalico High School
Larry Girvin of Virginia
Paula Wagner and her class from Midd West High School
Maria Kerstetter, Centre County Christian Academy

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Employee volunteers from Lifetouch School Photos make an annual trip to Haiti to help with the recovery efforts. This January, not only did they build a new school but they also brought 80 soccer balls donated by Brine in their luggage, thanks to the efforts of Paul Christian, TerritoryManager for Lifetouch. It was an AWESOME 10 day triip anda life changing experience. Below, the group stands proudly in front of the new school which they built.